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Zaczarowana poztywka - europejskie przedszkole niepubliczne

Wersja angielska

Wersja angielska

Take a minute to get to know our preschool

Our preschool was established in 2006. It is entered in the register of non-public schools and educational entities as NR 152/PN/06. The core of our facility is the building with an area of 900 m2, which includes 6 classrooms, a gymnasium, a room for sensor integration, dining room and kitchen were delicious meals are prepared daily. There are also two gardens with an area of 2000 m2, a tennis court of 700 m2, and a 6 x 9 m2 outdoor swimming pool open in the summer. All classrooms have live-feed cameras, enabling parents to take sneak peeks at their Children. The facility is guarded and under 24 surveillance.
The preschool is staffed with highly qualified education professionals who guarantee top teaching standards. Our educational offer includes:

  • daily English lessons with a native speaker,
  • Spanish language lessons 2 times a week ,
  • Rhythm and music classes 2 times a week,
  • Sports classes,
  • Daily gymnastics for general development,
  • Art workshops,
  • Self-developed programs: “Little European”, “Little cook", “Young Explorer”.

Numerous attractions are organized on our premises: special events, concerts, drama plays, meetings with interesting people.

Fees: one-off registration fee of PLN 500, monthly tuition fee: PLN 1350.

Additionally, the Preschool offers: tennis, dance classes, correction gymnastics, piano lessons.

Children at our preschool are under the care of a psychologist and a speech therapist.
The preschool is open year-round between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

Warszawa-Ursynów, ul. Pozytywki 18, tel: 022-643-86 57, 0-601-778-504